Champagne Marc Chauvet – 200th fan contest

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Champagne Marc Chauvet – 200th fan contest

Memorable day last week : our Champagne Marc Chauvet facebook page reached 200 fans! (206 fans today…)

We promised, the 200th fan would be rewarded! The winner is Julien Rozé, who lives in Villers Allerand in Champagne.

Julien has a name predestined Rozé since he won a DUO of vintage Ruby, our Champagne rosé!

Congratulations to Julien! We will be happy to meet him and to show him our cellars.

As for the other participants, keep hope! We will arrange other competitions in 2013…


Champagne for 2013 : Champagne Marc Chauvet of course

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Clotilde and Nicolas wish you a sparkling year 2013, with bubbles of Champagne Marc Chauvet!


3 days in London for Champagne Marc Chauvet

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3 days in London for Champagne Marc Chauvet

Last month, we were invited to London by Marc Hughes, President and CEO of the company The Real Wine Company which markets wines on the internet.  He wanted to present our various vintages of Champagne to his customers.
Agreable and rich weekend of meetings and exchanges!



Image de prévisualisation YouTube


Marc had organized 2 tastings, Saturday and Sunday. He had his white and red wines carefully selected for their good value. Clotilde was the featured guest. Our English friends were delighted to make her acquaintance and ask questions face to face on the production of Champagne Marc Chauvet.


Monday, Marc had also organized a meeting with Jamie Goode, an English journalist renowned in the world of wine. Jamie Goode tasted 4 of our wines- Brut Tradition, Brut Selection, 2004 Brut Millesime, and Brut Rosé. He immediately wrote an article on his blog, rather flattering…

Read the article (English) : click on Jamie Goode

Primary School visits Champagne Marc Chauvet

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Primary School visits Champagne Marc Chauvet

Like every year during the harvest, we welcome small school children curious to discover the mysteries of the making of champagne. Friday, it was a primary school class of 20 students, guided by winemaker Nicolas and Geraldine, his wife.

The children were very curious. They watched as two strong men charged the wine press. They went 10 m underground to visit the cellars of champagne Marc Chauvet. « It was a little cold and dark and there were many steps down, more than 100! » one child exclaimed afterwards.

The children touched the chalk walls and tried to solve a difficult math problem, by counting the number of bottles stacked in the cellar : more difficult than it seems, except for the crafty who discovered the answer written on a slate for this purpose…

"Sweet wine" freshly pressed, non-alcoholic grape juice


After the effort, the reward! The children tasted the “mout”, the grape juice just out of the winepress of Nicolas the winemaker, with his shorts and rubber boots. Most of them really enjoyed it, especially Emma who exclaimed : «  it is much better than what you buy at the store! « 

Just like Sofia who said : « it is the best juice I ever drank!


The children returned to school happy, the taste of grape juice in their mouths and proud of their new knowledge…

The teacher distributes grape juice at the press





Saint Vincent, a wine region tradition since the Middle-Ages

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Saint Vincent, a wine region tradition since the Middle-Ages

In Champagne, there are more churches dedicated to Saint-Vincent than any other saint, not counting the relics, statues and procession sticks they contain. On this day of celebration, January 22, the daily lives of winegrowers is put on standby : none of them go in their vineyards or their cellars. All, men, women, children, friends, participate in the sacred celebration.
The village of Rilly la Montagne has continued this tradition for generations.


Clotilde Chauvet and her husband Richard were members of the Saint Vincent Committee , organizing the event in Rilly la Montagne, for 5 years.

Then it was the turn of Nicolas Chauvet and his wife Géraldine. With their four children dressed as small champenois, they guided the parade of winemakers through the streets of the village in 2010.

Geraldine and her four children dressed as small champenois


It is since the middleages that the Saint Vincent acquired his nobility. At this time, winemakers were seeking a Patron Saint to represent both socially and religiously. They chose Saint Vincent.
It is also during this period that numerous confraternities of St. Vincent in Champagne and elsewhere were born. The emblem of these brotherhoods is usually the « baton of Saint Vincent ». It’s a long piece of wood, decorated by the statue of the Saint with a bible in one hand, and a grape in the other. The statue is sometimes framed by palms and often topped by a Crown.

Today the Saint Vincent is celebrated by the champagne profession as a moment of joy and reunion before the return to the wine-growing work. It is characterized by many parades in traditional costumes, organized in wine-growing villages and cities. It is also the opportunity to be around a copiously toasted banquet of Champagne….

The Saint Vincent Committee in Rilly la Montagne


Champagne for 2012 : Champagne Marc Chauvet of course

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Clotilde and Nicolas wish you a sparkling year 2012, with bubbles of Champagne Marc Chauvet!

2012 is for you, and all those who are dear, radiant, happy and full of success!

France-New Zealand, a love story

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France-New Zealand, a love story

Clotilde Chauvet completed her studies of Oenology in Montpellier. Her degree in hand, she chose to explore new horizons. A temperament for adventure, she immediately left to work in New Zealand, the end of the world for her family…


At this time, wine-growing activity was in its infancy « in the land of the kiwis » and a few wineries in creation employed European oenologists, to develop their activity. Clotilde worked 3 years at Rippon Vineyard, Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand. She enjoyed the experience and perfectly integrated into local life. She made many professional and friendly contacts in the south island and has wonderful memories of this experience.


« Attitudes are very different in New Zealand and the wine world. » It is still a territory of experimentation! The pioneers of viticulture and oenology in New Zealand love to meet to exchange their experiences, successes, as much as their difficulties. They enjoy their wine together and this is really very rewarding from a professional point of view. I learnt a lot over there in contact with other Oenologists and I had the chance to taste wines from all over the world … »


Despite favorable recommendations from her mother and her big sister, Clotilde fell under the spell of a local… The « phenomenon » in question is called Richard and he literally charmed the Frenchie.

Thus was born a big and beautiful love story between the France and New Zealand, which lasts today. The couple came to settle in France, to allow Clotilde to resume the winemaking at Champagne Marc Chauvet, with her brother Nicolas.


The Chauvet family as a whole joined the New Zealand values : just behind champagne, rugby now arrives as first sporting priority.  Each meeting of the All Blacks and Blues is an event not to be missed under any pretext…  Sunday morning the voltage will be at its highest in the Chauvet homes : Richard is currently in New Zealand to live live the rugby World Cup, while Clotilde remained in France for the grape harvest. The telephone and SMS will be red hot! But whatever happens Clotilde will be overjoyed…


Clotilde : « Between the France and New Zealand, my heart balances… »


Rippon Vineyard in New Zealand

Vineyard of Rilly la Montagne


An intergenerational organisation

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An intergenerational organisation

One of the particularities of the Champagne Marc Chauvet company resides in the distribution of work. The vineyard is maintained by men, under the direction of  Nicolas, and wine making is provided by women, under the impetus of  Clotilde.




Distribution of roles during the grape harvest

The Pressing Centre is managed by muscular men, while the winery belongs exclusively to women. The small dishes served midday and evening are lovingly cooked by the older members…

les hommes au pressoir

For the men : Nicolas and Olivier, men with a big M, load presses and constantly seek to beat their own record time of chargement… male pride requires !

Marc Chauvet, father and founder, resumed service to supervise the harvest and organize the transport of the grape cases. Digger, the New Zealand brother-in-law, supporter of the All Backs, pilots the forklift with his helicopter pilot talents. Finally Yves, small but strong, manages the team of pickers and goes regularly on his tractor to leaf blow vines to facilitate the harvesting of the grapes.



Yves au milieu des femmes

In women : Clotilde manages the musts and fermentations, filling the vats with her communicative laughter and regularly turning up the stereo. She is assisted by Laetitia, small piece of a woman, young mother, who rolls up her pants down so as not to walk on them, and Laura, the young interne. In the kitchen, Claudette Chauvet, the Queen Mother, provides animation, motivating her loyal troops at the oven, consisting of  « Pepe » and « Mémé », assisted by Isabelle. Géraldine, sister in law, deals with her tribe of children, prepares desserts and dyes the pessers pants pink!!. Finally Isabelle, the sister, provides cellar visits for customers curious to discover the organization of the grape harvest and maliciously notes small anecdotes of the vendanges…


As this year the harvest is exceptionally early, children have not yet resumed school. Jules, Lola, Charlotte and Tom discover the joys of manual labour and get their fill of the great champagne air. In the vineyards, they perfect their technique of picking with the rest of the team…..

Après l'effort, le réconfort...

This happy tribe, grand-parents and small children, completed by the team of pickers, works in good spirits throughout the magical period of harvest, while grape juice flows abundantly into the vats…


New colours for the pressing centre

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New colours for the pressing centre

This year, after an unusually severe winter and summer-like spring, the timing of the Champagne vineyards is well in advance … This month, vineyard work has been completed quickly pending the arrival of the harvest. After the spring rush, the winegrowers have a little time for « summer grooming. Clotilde and Nicolas decided to take the opportunity to « revamp » their pressing centre. For two weeks, the team of Marc Chauvet Champagne have been painting and the equipment room smells of fresh paint …


Marc Chauvet Pressing Centre

The company is equipped with two presses (capacity 4000kg and 2000kg of grapes). During the harvest it provides a service for other Champagne houses. In addition to its own collection, it presses the grapes for other winemakers, hence the name Pressing Centre. Always seeking to improve the service, Clotilde and Nicolas did not hesitate to renovate their facilities to better their work environment….