Tasting of our magnum of Champagne vintage 1982 in Italy

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Tasting of our magnum of Champagne vintage 1982 in Italy

Fantastic, no one was expecting the youthfulness and freshness of acidity. Far superior to the Grande Dame 1998 Cliquot.

What a compliment and how proud for our small Champagne house !!

Commented by Giuseppe Di Marcantonio, the owner of the Restaurant Hostaria Le Repubbliche Marinare, in Pisa, Italy  after having tasted one of our old family treasures of 30 years, the Magnum of Champagne Marc Chauvet Millésime 1982 .

For the occasion, Giuseppe had organized a prestige meal for his customers and great lovers of Champagne.

The gourmet menu was based on the theme ‘ Lo Champagne in contra it Mare  » like in a movie…

In the presence of Teresa Rinaldi, Simo Santi, Guido Ferrini and Daniela Corsi.

The most legendary ever tasting at Hostaria le Repubbliche Marinare,
a limited number (16 seats) for big fans of the bubbles.
We succeeded in getting one of the 10 unique vintage magnums of 1982 in December 2012 “dégorged” after 30 years of resting on lees of Champagne Marc Chauvet, vigneron independant in Rilly la Montagne, zoned Grand Cru for the production of the famous bubbles.
We decided to build around a special event with other large bottles combined with all the best on offer, concluding with a magnum of bubbles metodo classico Italian dolce Villa Rinaldi 2003 « .
Given the exceptional nature of the event the numerus clausus is necessary having regard to the availability of a single Magnum protagonist of the evening. The event could possibly be postponed in case of not reaching the number of guests.

With a little bit of patience and imagination, one can only guess what top-flight guests had the chance to taste with the magnum Champagne Marc Chauvet…

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