Red Wine in Champagne – Champagne Marc Chauvet

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Red Wine in Champagne – Champagne Marc Chauvet

The Champagne region is famous for its sparkling white wine, the king of wines, champagne!

But in Champagne, we don’t just produce champagne. Red wine, which is used to produce rosé champagne is also made. Our jewel, Champagne Marc Chauvet Rosé cuvée is made by assembling  80% of Champagne Brut Tradition and 20% of red wine from the Coteaux de Rilly la Montagne.

Last night, we started to vinify the wine red.

Sparkling red wine is obtained from the Pinot Noir grape, a grape with black skin and white juice. It is  a wine apart. It is vinified in vats Burgundy method. Grape bunches are passed through a destemmer, machine that removes stems (stems of the bunch of grapes) and eclats the skin of the grapes to release the juice they contain. Yesterday we destemmed 2500 kg of pinot noir which will produce approximately 1600 litres of red wine.

Loading of the destemmer

The grapes are fed through using a giant auger

The grapes pass through the destemmer, juice and berries are pumped into the tank with the hose

The stems after passing through the destemmer

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Alcoholic fermentation

The grapes pass through the destemmer. They are transformed into grape must (grape juice + skin, pips etc.) which is then stored in a stainless steel tank. The must will soak in the tank for 10 to 15 days, triggering its alcoholic fermentation (transformation of sugar into alcohol). At the same time the tannins and the aromatic molecules of grape skin will be transferred to the juice, and thus contribute to color the white juice red.

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When the alcoholic fermentation is finished, the liquid part is extracted. The solid parts (skin, seeds) are removed and then placed in the press to extract the rest of the juice : this is called the press wine, rich in tannins, anthocyanins, and various aromas. Depending on the type of wine desired, Clotilde combines the free wine and press wine to develop her red wine.

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After a few months of ageing in tanks,the red wine is filtered and assembled with the Brut Tradition to give birth to Champagne Rosé.



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