Primary School visits Champagne Marc Chauvet

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Primary School visits Champagne Marc Chauvet

Like every year during the harvest, we welcome small school children curious to discover the mysteries of the making of champagne. Friday, it was a primary school class of 20 students, guided by winemaker Nicolas and Geraldine, his wife.

The children were very curious. They watched as two strong men charged the wine press. They went 10 m underground to visit the cellars of champagne Marc Chauvet. « It was a little cold and dark and there were many steps down, more than 100! » one child exclaimed afterwards.

The children touched the chalk walls and tried to solve a difficult math problem, by counting the number of bottles stacked in the cellar : more difficult than it seems, except for the crafty who discovered the answer written on a slate for this purpose…

"Sweet wine" freshly pressed, non-alcoholic grape juice


After the effort, the reward! The children tasted the “mout”, the grape juice just out of the winepress of Nicolas the winemaker, with his shorts and rubber boots. Most of them really enjoyed it, especially Emma who exclaimed : «  it is much better than what you buy at the store! « 

Just like Sofia who said : « it is the best juice I ever drank!


The children returned to school happy, the taste of grape juice in their mouths and proud of their new knowledge…

The teacher distributes grape juice at the press





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