France-New Zealand, a love story

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France-New Zealand, a love story

Clotilde Chauvet completed her studies of Oenology in Montpellier. Her degree in hand, she chose to explore new horizons. A temperament for adventure, she immediately left to work in New Zealand, the end of the world for her family…


At this time, wine-growing activity was in its infancy « in the land of the kiwis » and a few wineries in creation employed European oenologists, to develop their activity. Clotilde worked 3 years at Rippon Vineyard, Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand. She enjoyed the experience and perfectly integrated into local life. She made many professional and friendly contacts in the south island and has wonderful memories of this experience.


« Attitudes are very different in New Zealand and the wine world. » It is still a territory of experimentation! The pioneers of viticulture and oenology in New Zealand love to meet to exchange their experiences, successes, as much as their difficulties. They enjoy their wine together and this is really very rewarding from a professional point of view. I learnt a lot over there in contact with other Oenologists and I had the chance to taste wines from all over the world … »


Despite favorable recommendations from her mother and her big sister, Clotilde fell under the spell of a local… The « phenomenon » in question is called Richard and he literally charmed the Frenchie.

Thus was born a big and beautiful love story between the France and New Zealand, which lasts today. The couple came to settle in France, to allow Clotilde to resume the winemaking at Champagne Marc Chauvet, with her brother Nicolas.


The Chauvet family as a whole joined the New Zealand values : just behind champagne, rugby now arrives as first sporting priority.  Each meeting of the All Blacks and Blues is an event not to be missed under any pretext…  Sunday morning the voltage will be at its highest in the Chauvet homes : Richard is currently in New Zealand to live live the rugby World Cup, while Clotilde remained in France for the grape harvest. The telephone and SMS will be red hot! But whatever happens Clotilde will be overjoyed…


Clotilde : « Between the France and New Zealand, my heart balances… »


Rippon Vineyard in New Zealand

Vineyard of Rilly la Montagne


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