Autumn colours in Champagne

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Autumn colours in Champagne

This year, autumn temperatures have been particularly lenient in Champagne, leaving magical colours on the vineyard.





Every day since the end of the harvest, the vineyards in Rilly la Montagne changes colour.

Autumn colours in Champagne Slowly browns and reds made their appearance in the middle of the green leaves. Then the vines tinted orange, yellow and dark red.


Autumn colours in ChampagneToday, the green has virtually disappeared, but the vineyard offers us an infinite palette of colours  ranging from yellow to red.Autumn colours in Champagne


The leaves fall very slowly, the forest also takes its autumn colors and the sparkling landscape is absolutely beautiful!


As long as temperatures do not drop too much, the vineyards of Rilly la Montagne will continue to resemble a Autumn colours in Champagnemaster painting.


Claudette Chauvet (wife of Marc Chauvet) immortalized the Champagne landscape for our readers


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