An open book : a 30 year old champagne!

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An open book : a 30 year old champagne!

The history of Champagne Marc Chauvet is found in our chalk cellars of Champagne. These mysterious, fragrant, dark and quiet caves are home to and protect our family treasures…

Accessing the Marc Chauvet caves, is like entering an ancient library filled with precious books of unique works covered  in dust, on which time has left its mark, gently and surely… Each book, each bottle, each magnum tells a story… For the reader, the words come in colors, scents and flavors that express themselves with a burst of bubbles, the bubbles of Champagne Marc Chauvet.


For the first time, Clotilde and Nicolas have decided to partially open the family history for their loyal customers.
They released the vault their most beautiful jewels: 10 volumes, not one, written by the founder and father Marc Chauvet and his wife Claudette!
10 magnums of champagne produced in 1982,
recently disgorged, unique, numbered, and specially adorned for the occasion by Tania Reby, a stylist.

1982 : Marc Chauvet remembers! « A year of reference for grape quantity and quality.  After 2 years of poor harvests, we finally restored our stocks in 1982…
I immediately knew that this vintage had an extraordinary ageing potential. »


Clotilde and Nicolas Chauvet tasted this great Champagne for you…

Visual : bright yellow, golden reflections. Persistent bubbles.

Nose : aromas of butter, fresh nuts, hazelnuts and toast, then aromas of lime and dried flowers.

Mouth : festival of bubbles despite its age. Taste slightly oaky, even without barrel time. Flavors of walnuts and hazelnuts.

« This champagne is surprisingly fresh for a 30 year old cuvée, with even a touch of acidity and good balance between power and elegance ».


10 Magnums of Champagne, numbered to taste religiously…

NB : for sale from December 1, 2012


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